Sign-up Primer


Everyone will need to have an individual WordPress account, before being able to participate in the WILPFACT blog (that is, do anything other than simply read the blog). To do that, you must first register a WordPress ‘username’.

When you go to, in the left hand column, you will see a list of links, titled ‘META’.  Clicking on the ‘Register’ link will open the registration form.

Because you do not intend to start your own, new blog, do not fill in the ‘Blog Address’ box, but click on the link beneath the ‘Username’ box: ‘Sign up for just a username’.

On the linked form, enter your chosen username, your chosen password (and password confirmation) and your email address. Then click the ‘Sign Up’ button at the bottom of the page.

Note: your username must be one ‘word’ (no gaps).

As the new page, which this action opens, tells you: ‘An email (from WordPress), has been sent to (your registered email address) to activate your account. It should arrive within 30 minutes. If you do not activate your account within two days, you will have to sign up again’.

Note: If you chose your name for your ‘username’ (e.g. susansmith), you can ‘Update your Profile’, with your actual First and Last Name (Susan Smith), while you wait for the email.

When the email comes to your account, just click on the address they provide. There, log in with your Username and Password.

You are initially, by default, signed up as a ‘Contributor ‘ (able to comment on posts in the blog). Once it has been noted that you have signed up, an Administrator will change your status to ‘Author’ – and you can begin posting.


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