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Hatred of Women Exists in the West as Well as in the Arab World

This article INTERNATIONAL: Hatred of Women Exists in the West as Well as in the Arab World – News Library – News & Events – PeaceWomen from the SMH was picked up by WILPF international.

‘Women have very little idea of how much men hate them,” wrote Germaine Greer in The Female Eunuch. So outraged were men that wives reportedly took to concealing their copies by wrapping them in plain brown paper.

More than 40 years later, Egyptian-American commentator Mona Eltahawy has caused a storm with her Foreign Policy essay, Why Do They Hate Us? ”They” being Arab men and ”Us” Arab women. Forget America’s so-called inequality, Eltahawy implores, ”The real war on women is in the Middle East.”

Women, she writes, have not benefited from the Arab Spring because they remain oppressed by the men in their lives who consider all is ”well with the world as long as women are covered up, anchored to the home”. ”Until the rage shifts from the oppressors in our presidential palaces to the oppressors in our homes, our revolution has not even begun.”

Eltahawy has also sparked outrage – and a significant proportion of the outrage comes from Arab women.  This article is about that debate.


No one hears the poor – Who will resource the peace process in Afghanistan?

This article, No one hears the poor – On Line Opinion – 31/5/2012. by Kathy Kelly lets us hear from poor afghan women. 

Their lives are an unmitigated struggle for survival in conditions that are hard to imagine – for even one week- let alone a lifetime.

The following extracts provide some perspective on their plight and the spending priorities of the US and its allies:

When asked what they think of the notion that the US is protecting Afghan women, Nekbat says …they are bringing no help. These women have seen no improvement in Afghanistan, and neither, they claim, has anyone they know. They don’t mix in the circles of those most likely to meet and speak with Western journalists, and poverty and the uncertainties of war seem to dictate their lives more surely than any government. The women tell me all foreign money is lost to corruption – no-one in their communities sees it going to the people. Continue reading

Insight: Afghan women fade from White House focus as exit nears

This article by Laura MacInnis and Laura Ferris-Rotman  Insight: Afghan women fade from White House focus as exit nears. reminds us that women were allegedly up front and centre in the original justification for the war in Afghanistan but now that the focus is on troop withdrawal the concern about ensuring the rights of women appears to have disappeared.

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